How long is the life span of laptop battery(tablet battery)?

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Laptop battery (tablet battery ) life is normally calculated according to the number of charge and discharge cycles, which is generally about 500 times. Laptop battery(tablet battery) life is generally about two years according to the using time. How to prolong the life of notebook computer battery and or tablet battery?


1. If the laptop (tablet ) is powered by external power supply for a long time, or the battery power has exceeded 80%, take off the laptop battery  or disconnect power immediately and charge it at ordinary times. It is not necessary to charge the battery to 100%, charge to 80% or so is ok; Adjust the power option of the operating system, adjust the power alarm to more than 20%, the minimum battery power should not be less than 20%, and charge before it drops to 20%;


2. After charging, you should immediately disconnect the power cord (including the USB interface of charging function), which will damage the battery all the time; To charge often, remember to charge but do not have to fully charge the laptop battery(tablet battery); Whether it's laptop batteries or mobile phones batteries, don't let the battery run out. This is the truth of the so-called extreme things must be reversed.





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