How to charge a new laptop battery? What are the precautions?

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After buying a new computer, the first thing is to use up the battery in the notebook. Don't start charging when you see that there is power in the battery. This is not correct action. Notebook with factory setting power is to protect the battery, it must be used up before charging.


The first three charging time should be between 12 hours and 14 hours, and each time it must be fully charged, it should be used up before the second charging.


The first three times of charging is very important,  although the current battery has no memory function and can be used freely.  Anyway battery is a battery, a good start can determine the life span of your battery. No matter it is the batteries before or now, we need to pay attention to this.


If there is a battery protection program, adjust the battery to the longest battery life mode.





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